Leafs by Snoop Herb Grinder Review

Leafs By Snoop offers an unusually wide-ranging product line which includes “hand-weighed” bud—which you’re now supposed to call “flower”—in eighth, quarter and one ounce increments, plus edibles and high-THC concentrates. Of course, Snoop is moving into the marijuana industry and by doing so he is also producing a number of products with the “Leafs by… Read More »

What are the Best Roller Skates for Kids?

Roller skating is one of America’s favorite past times. What’s not to love? Wind in your face, speed under your feet, surrounded by bumping music and flashing lights at the rink. It has survived and evolved from the 1930’s to today’s culture, and is a sport that adults and children alike can enjoy. Children of… Read More »

How to Remove Presidential Alerts on Galaxy S4 Verizon

How to remove “Presidential Alerts” from Galaxy S4 I545-VRUAME7 First, you must root your Galaxy S4. Takes 10 minutes if you have an extra MicroSD Card. Follow the instructions for rooting Galaxy S4 here.  Install BusyBox & Terminal Emulator from the play store if you haven’t done so already. Alright, I’m going to take you… Read More »

Source Hydration Kangaroo Canteen

I do a lot of hiking & have been looking for an updated, improved, super-hero version of the traditional CamelBak hydration system. What I found was the Kangaroo line of products; in particular, the 1-liter collapsible canteen at a superb price! I already have an Osprey pack I just love. It’s super sturdy, rain-proof, straps… Read More »

Compass Bank Sucks

As a follow-up to my “Compass Bank Steals” post, I had to write again about my latest experience with Compass Bank in San Antonio, TX. Compass Bank BBVA is quite possibly the worst banking institution I’ve ever dealt with. This company will steal from you any way they can. They were recently sued (and settled)… Read More »

iolite Portable Vaporizer

I have seen some cool stuff in my day, but one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time is the iolite vaporizer. If you’re uncertain as to what I’m talking about, check out this information on What is a vaporizer for quick answers to your questions.  This thing is just cool and you can even… Read More »