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Leafs by Snoop Herb Grinder Review

Leafs By Snoop offers an unusually wide-ranging product line which includes “hand-weighed” bud—which you’re now supposed to call “flower”—in eighth, quarter and one ounce increments, plus edibles and high-THC concentrates. Of course, Snoop is moving into the marijuana industry and by doing so he is also producing a number of products with the “Leafs by Snoop” branding. Snoop recently launched, a website featuring content related to medical marijuana that also displays and sells his products.

“Since I’ve been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana. So naturally, my people can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game,” he boasted of his line. “Let’s medicate, elevate and put it in the air!”

We cannot attest to the quality of his marijuana products, as that should be left up to the community at large. However, The Leafs by Snoop Grinder is something we are familiar with because it is made by a leading engineering firm called Phoenician Engineering. These are the guys that make the revolutionary Phoenician Grinder. You can tell because it looks exactly like the other Phoenician grinders on the market today. This is a good thing! The reason it is a good thing is because Phoenician is probably the best grinder on the market since 2015.

Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece

Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece in “Rasta” color

The Phoenician grinder has several features that others don’t. First, it has an optional rolling paper holder/dispenser on the top of the grinder. Second, it has a unique grinding method that is amazing! The teeth on this grinder are incredibly sharp and it shreds through flower easily. Phoenician offers a number of other unique features such as a locking mechanism on each piece and a screen that is easily replaceable by removing a single screw. Believe it not, these grinders even come in 14k gold plate if you’re willing to wait 2-4 weeks for delivery and pay a whopping $1500! Snoop would definitely approve.

If you’re considering picking up the Leafs by Snoop grinder, we would highly recommend it. You can search around on the internet for it or find it on Amazon. If you’re here searching for Leafs by Snoop product reviews, please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. If you would like to write a formal review of his products, please contact us and perhaps we will share your formal review on our blog.

What are the Best Roller Skates for Kids?

Roller skating is one of America’s favorite past times. What’s not to love? Wind in your face, speed under your feet, surrounded by bumping music and flashing lights at the rink. It has survived and evolved from the 1930’s to today’s culture, and is a sport that adults and children alike can enjoy. Children of all ages can participate and delight in skating with the right equipment. If you are hoping to introduce your child into the wold of roller skating but aren’t sure where to start– we can help!

Jackson Vibe Skate
Learning to skate on quad skates (two sets of two wheels, the original style of roller skates) is generally easier than learning on inline skates for children because it requires less balance. SirSlappy recommends the Jackson Vibe Skate package for beginners because it is such a solid skate and has tremendous value! It includes TWO sets of wheels (that’s 8 total, folks), and are equipped for coated or slick surfaces.  Jackson has been a staple in the roller skate industry forever! For a limited time Devaskation is offering a free Atom Quad Wheel bag with this package. We love the Jackson Vibe Extravaganza because it is a durable skate and is perfect for beginners! They also have a great Kids Skates FAQ.

Pacer Skates
Next up is the Pacer GTX500 Skate as one of the Top 5 skates for entry level skaters. This skate has a low top boot that requires no break in time (in other words, is super comfortable from the get go). We think these are some of the best skates for kids because the Sure Grip toe stopper is made of hard nylon to ensure quick stopping on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Longevity was a priority with this stopper, and we feel they hit the nail on the head! Perfect for a child learning to skate in a driveway OR a roller rink, Pacer Skates ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The Pacer GTX 500 is perfectly priced and the best beginner skate on the market!

Roller Derby Cheetah Inline Skates
If you want to start your little one with a skate that can grow with them, we the Roller Derby Cheetah brand.  The Cheetah Inline Skate for Boys is one of the best skates for kids because it has several adjustable areas, providing a comfortable and exact fit every time. We love this skate because the soft boot provides strong support by utilizing both laces and buckles. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to learn to skate on quads! The Cheetah inlines are great for beginners and provide comfort in all the right places. The price is just right on these too! If you’re in the market for a beginner’s inline skate, check out the Roller Derby Cheetah Inline Skates for kids.

Whether you’re looking for a customizable skate, skates for beginners, or just browsing the best skates for kids– Take our advice and get your kids into the right skate!

How to Remove Presidential Alerts on Galaxy S4 Verizon

How to remove “Presidential Alerts” from Galaxy S4 I545-VRUAME7

First, you must root your Galaxy S4. Takes 10 minutes if you have an extra MicroSD Card. Follow the instructions for rooting Galaxy S4 here.  Install BusyBox & Terminal Emulator from the play store if you haven’t done so already.

Alright, I’m going to take you guys back to old-school linux and the “vi” editor. Get familiar with the vi editor here.  vi is a text editor that isn’t very easy to use, but it is useful in cases like this!

To remove Presidential Alerts, open your terminal and type: “su” (without quotes).  You will see your command line go from “@android: / $”  TO “@android: /#”.

The “#” means you are operating as root. Good work!

Now take a deep breath and type:

vi data/data/

Learn to navigate using the commands j,h,k,l.  This will move the cursor around.  Once you’re ready to edit the file press “a” and you can type.  Edit the file using the vi editor (use the link above to learn how to move about the file).   It is strange to get used to because the keyboard actually works as a way to move about the file at first. You are looking for some crap (towards the top of the file) that says “#cmas#type##presidential#enabled=true”.  You want to change the “true” to “false”.   If you screw up, just close the terminal window and start over.  It will take practice to learn how vi works, but once you get the hang of it you will be okay.  You might want to practice and edit a file that doesn’t matter so you don’t screw up your phone.

TRICK!! If you were using vi on a computer you have to press “esc” to get out of the typing mode.  There is no “esc” on your keyboard. Once you are done editing the file, press the volume down key until you see a “>”. then press ‘c’ on your keyboard. That will take you to the top of the file. Now, just type “:wq” and hit enter. The file will be saved. Reboot your phone. Check your message settings!

Source Hydration Kangaroo Canteen

I do a lot of hiking & have been looking for an updated, improved, super-hero version of the traditional CamelBak hydration system. What I found was the Kangaroo line of products; in particular, the 1-liter collapsible canteen at a superb price!

I already have an Osprey pack I just love. It’s super sturdy, rain-proof, straps down comfortably, and has so many handy little nooks. My Osprey model wasn’t designed specifically for hydration, but it did have a good spot to hold a water pack, so I went with it. What I’ve noticed (like so many of you, I’m sure) is that the water in most mobile hydration systems gets stale after a while and tastes like either the plastic leaches into your water supply (yuck!) or a bacteria colony is starting to form (double yuck!). Neither one of those options were going to quench my thirst, so I explored other options.

After a bit of research, I happened upon Kangaroo. Turns out the manufacturer, Source Hydration, is an Israeli company. So they’re well-versed in combat and desert survival, and that means they know water! So I ordered one from Copper State Tactical & waited for go-time.


  • Fit perfectly into my pack (even though one clearly wasn’t designed for the other)
  • Hose extended to the perfect length; mouthpiece clips nicely
  • Can be used as a canteen or for “remote” hydration (using hose & mouthpiece)
  • Suitable for holding cold or warm liquid
  • 3 layers of durable polyethylene with anti-microbial lining
  • Folds flat when empty (stores great!)
  • Equipped with other nice conveniences like mouthpiece dustguard and no-bite valve

The mouthpiece is a bit tricky to master. The instruction manual is helpful, so I advise reading it & practicing once or twice before field use. Basically, just twist the valve, then pull; you’ll get it.
Play around with detaching the hose from the canteen. You may find yourself needing the feature and it’s always best to get to know all your equipment well before the need for it arises.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Source Hydration and Kangaroo a try. I feel safe drinking the water from my pack even if I get lazy and don’t empty it right away after excursions. And with Source Hydration’s credentials and product features, they definitely know what they’re doing. If you’re looking at the size of the canteen in the images and don’t think it’s ideal for you, remember there are 7 canteen sizes available to you and pricing is reasonable!

If you have any questions about the product or have your own experiences (good or bad), please offer your information for others in the comments below!

 Kangaroo Canteen in Backpack photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

The Future of Hand-Held Devices – How Microsoft Can Beat Apple

The chances of Microsoft reading this blog are one in a billion. That’s too bad.

There are very few companies in the world that actually innovate. Apple is actually one of the only companies creating new and exciting products and bringing those products to market. We live in a world where Apple creates and the world follows. Sure, you get spin-offs here and there with improvements, but you really don’t get anything new unless Apple decides they’re gonna bring it to market. This isn’t a rant on the issues I have with only one company in the entire world innovating technologies. It’s simply a request for an Apple competitor to step back and examine the big picture. People salivate over new car prototypes, but rarely does the manufacturer bring it to market. I guess in today’s economy the safe play is the best bet. If you look at Apple though, you’ll see that the risk takers bring in the big money for their investors. Microsoft seems to have lost its edge on all its leading products. I’m positive Microsoft has the brains to do something amazing. I just don’t think they have the balls. So, here’s the future of mobile computing on a shitty blog that no one reads. When it happens I want to be able to call Microsoft and tell them, “I told you so!”

Technology has advanced the same way for decades. A new product goes to market and others build off that product and expand the features. Generally, once a product is a “hit” in the market there are few major changes to that product. Products usually go through iterations of improvements for a long period of time. I liken this to a game of chess and how an opponent’s move can distract you from the best move. If an opponent makes a move on the right side of the board you are much more likely to counter that move on the right side of the board because your attention has been drawn away from the best move (which may or may not be on the right side of the board). So, when an improvement is made on a device the competition instantly reacts with another improvement instead of looking at where the product is going and working toward an innovative solution. Recently I’ve asked myself why this is. Why do we have a slow progression of improvements instead of real breakthroughs with innovative products? Is it because manufacturers want to drag every last day out of the lifespan of a product and get every last cent they can or is it because there is knee-jerk reaction to the competition? I think some manufactures want to drag out every ounce of profit in a product, but the successful ones – the really, really successful ones – move on.

Moving on is what Apple does extremely well. Apple asks “What are these consumers really looking for?” Look at the huge impact iTunes made in the world of music. Apple didn’t invent music downloads – they simply made it quick and easy because that’s ultimately what people wanted. I pirated music for years because I was too poor to buy it and I had plenty of time on my hands. Now if I want music I just go buy the damn mp3 on iTunes. It’s easy and reliable and I can have it on my phone or ipod in 20 seconds. How about the changes in cell phones since the iPhone was released? Apple was the only company that actually took the idea to infinity and did their best to get their iPhone there. How about the explosion of handheld tablets and the creation of the iPad. Apple didn’t invent the tablet or any of the things mentioned. They simply asked themselves why do people want to download music, talk on a cell phone, or have a tablet? They challenged themselves to take the idea to infinity and then created a product based on that vision.

Though Apple seems to get it right most of the time, I think the great minds in the technology industry today have missed the boat on a few ideas. I think that the issue of iterations of technology and “chess game distractions” are at play. Today’s market is a search for smaller, faster, and lighter. Every year things get smaller, faster and lighter with small iterations of new features. Though I think there’s a place for this technology, we’ve reached a point where making things smaller, faster, and lighter really doesn’t give the consumer something incredibly exciting. Somewhat like my current cell phone (the Droid RAZR) – it’s more of an iteration of what the last version was like, but a little faster. As of 2012, I feel that we have sufficient technology to create something far better than what we’re using today in regards to hand-held computing devices. We don’t need smaller and lighter. We need more power, more features, and better battery life. Every consumer today knows what he or she wants. We want it ALL in an easy-to-carry, light-weight, pretty, sexy, smart, easy-to-use device. We will never get there unless there is a breakthrough in how things are done. This is where Microsoft can redefine their brand and image!

Remember when bluetooth headsets for cell phones became popular? I do. I was one of the first people to adopt this technology and it cost me a small fortune. It was SO cool! I could talk without having to hold my cell phone! Now that bulky phone could stay in my pocket and not in my hand. That was a real innovation because it worked and made life easier.

So, here it is Microsoft – handed to you on a silver platter.

Simply put all the “brains” of a device in a wearable form and export the display to a flexible LCD screen over bluetooth. Now a hand-held device can be worn comfortably (in a variety of ways further discussed below) and weight isn’t an issue. Audio is sent to the user via bluetooth and separated from the “brains” and battery of the device. The display is done the same way. The ideal way to conceal all the “brains” of the device is to put the components in a belt, small fitted backpack, or even in your car. You could stuff the belt with every possible mobile need any user would require including GPS, Bluetooth, and cell signal. The amount of space given in the belt would easily allow for multiple large batteries. The belt buckle could account for any part of the device that required “bulk” like bigger batteries or larger components.

Other advantages of Belts:

You don’t often forget your belt at a restaurant or bar.
Belts aren’t easily stolen.
You could make the belts in all kinds of different looks / styles.
The belt buckle could double as an antenna or tons of other various useful things.
You never drop your belt and shatter the screen.
You could store a week’s worth of battery life in a belt.
Pockets are free for keys and wallets (and flexible LCD screen).
When you get home you could simply take your belt off, slap it on the handy-dandy charger wall by the door, and the belt would recharge its batteries and still give you all the function of your phone.

As for the external bluetooth screen. A flexible screen allows you do everything other screens do, but you don’t have to worry about breaking it when it falls. You can easily slip it in your back pocket and sit on it without noticing it is even there. It syncs with your Belt CPU so if you lose your screen you just buy another one.  Even if the flexible screens aren’t affordable yet, it would be much easier to hold a lightweight, thin screen with an enormous battery that is easily replaceable if it is dropped, etc.

I have no prototype of this technology, but I think it would really easy to do and much better than the current devices we have now.   First to do this wins.  Microsoft can do it.

Compass Bank Sucks

As a follow-up to my “Compass Bank Steals” post, I had to write again about my latest experience with Compass Bank in San Antonio, TX. Compass Bank BBVA is quite possibly the worst banking institution I’ve ever dealt with. This company will steal from you any way they can. They were recently sued (and settled) for re-ordering deposits in an attempt to overdraft the checking account of their customers as many times as possible. This is described in my post (linked above) and it happened to me. Unfortunately, I had to deal with Compass Bank over the weekend and my latest experience was just as bad.

I got  a check with the Compass Bank name on it in the amount of $1000. The check arrived on Thursday and I attempted to cash the check on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday was Veteran’s Day and Compass Bank was closed. All banks are closed on Veteran’s Day, so I wasn’t too upset. I figured I would just wait until Saturday and cash the check then. I happened to be in San Antonio for the Rock N Roll Marathon on Saturday and, since I don’t live in San Antonio, I didn’t know the location of a Compass Bank. I did exactly what I do when I need to find something – I Googled it! BBVA Compass locations pop up all over Google maps in San Antonio (especially close to downtown)! I was happy to see that I was only minutes away from a bank. The joke was on me! Upon driving to the location on Google maps I found that none of the locations are actually open or visible. They’re either hidden in some office building or permanently closed! Try it yourself! It’s pitiful! At 9:15 am, after driving around for nearly 30 minutes, I accidentally found an open Compass Bank located at:

BBVA Compass
1038 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201

I thought my bad luck was finally changing. After driving around for 30 minutes all I had to do was walk in this bank and cash my check. Easy right?

Apparently, the day after Veteran’s Day is a pretty big day for the banks because no one was able to cash checks on Friday. So everyone went to the bank on Saturday morning just like me. This particular branch (NMLS #825271 – Managed by Adrian Zapata) was extremely busy. In fact, the line was out the door. There were at least 20 people in front of me. There was ONE teller handling the line of 20 people inside the bank and ONE teller handling the line of cars at the drive-through. To be fair, the teller, Denise, was doing the best she could to keep up. Also, the lady working the line at the drive-through was helping as best she could as well. The manager, instead of trying to resolve the issue of a line out the door, decided to sit and talk with 1 customer for nearly 20 minutes. The Manager got up to assess the situation, but did little to solve the problem. It was very obvious that this bank was understaffed. After waiting 31 minutes in line I finally reached the counter to talk to Denise. I had to wait until I got to the counter to endorse my check because the desk that is used for deposit slips, etc had no pens! The pens had all been ripped off the metal chains to which they were once attached! I really didn’t care at this point because I knew I was only 30 seconds from getting my cash and leaving this hell hole. After endorsing my check I was informed by Denise that I would incur a $7 FEE for cashing a BBVA Compass check! WHY!? Why should I pay a fee to cash a check that has the BBVA Compass NAME on it? Instead of arguing, I just took it in the pants and paid the $7. What a rip off!

BBVA Compass sucks. This bank is a joke. These bankers are a joke. The management at this bank is a horrible joke.

When I left the bank with $993.00 the line was STILL out the door. They hadn’t made a stitch of progress. The customer’s faces were hilarious. I feel sorry for them and anyone that deals with Compass Bank. I have encouraged my client to switch to a credit union immediately. He was truly appalled and embarrassed that they charged me $7 to cash his check.

If you’ve been ripped off by Compass Bank post your experience here. It’s comical to see just how bad these guys can get!

iolite Portable Vaporizer

I have seen some cool stuff in my day, but one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time is the iolite vaporizer. If you’re uncertain as to what I’m talking about, check out this information on What is a vaporizer for quick answers to your questions.  This thing is just cool and you can even use a vaporizer to quit smoking cigarettes. I’m a big cigar smoker, most people know that, but I occasionally try out herbal smokes because of the huge amount of variations in flavors.   One of the things I like least about cigars (probably the only thing) is that because a cigar puts off so much smoke it always gets on your clothes and in your hair and you smell like an ashtray for hours.  It’s annoying to not be able to smoke a cigar late at night and crawl into bed without a shower.   I assume most herbal smokers feel the same way as some herbs tend to also have aromas associated with them.  Enter the vaporizer – the solution to all smoke-related problems!

With the invention of the e-cig, smokeless nicotine indulgence has been in the media and has been spammed all over the internet.  Sure you’ve seen a commercial or ad for an e-cig.  The E-cig came from an idea that has been in existence for quite some time – the Vaporizer!   A vaporizer works differently from rolling papers, bongs, cigarettes, pipes, etc.   The best Vaporizers actually create an enormous amount of heat that vaporizes the herb without leaving any smoke.   No smoke means no smell! It also means no harmful smoke enters your lungs.   One of the newest and best vaporizers available today is the iolite portable vaporizer.

iolite has come up with an awesome idea for a portable vaporizer. Why is the iolite vaporizer so neat? Well, it’s portable first of all and it features all the performance of a table-based vaporizer. It heats up to nearly 380 degrees and instantly transforms your herbs into an inhaled indulgence.

Overall, it’s an awesome little portable vaporizer and I’d recommend it to nearly anyone that likes to smoke herbs and doesn’t want to smell like smoke (or whatever herb they are smoking).

My suggestions to buyers:
1. Buy it online! You can save a lot of money. A few sites I found sell them for less than $170 That’s nearly 1/2 the retail price.
2. Get some herbal mixtures to try with the vaporizer. There are a lot of great flavors of herbs and they’re are also a lot of benefits from herbal blends.
3. Don’t expect the iolite portable vaporizer to be the end-all of vaporizing. It’s pretty dang neat, but it’s intended for short hits and to be portable. It isn’t going to fill up an entire bag for long-term use.