Compass Bank Sucks

By | November 17, 2011

As a follow-up to my “Compass Bank Steals” post, I had to write again about my latest experience with Compass Bank in San Antonio, TX. Compass Bank BBVA is quite possibly the worst banking institution I’ve ever dealt with. This company will steal from you any way they can. They were recently sued (and settled) for re-ordering deposits in an attempt to overdraft the checking account of their customers as many times as possible. This is described in my post (linked above) and it happened to me. Unfortunately, I had to deal with Compass Bank over the weekend and my latest experience was just as bad.

I got  a check with the Compass Bank name on it in the amount of $1000. The check arrived on Thursday and I attempted to cash the check on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday was Veteran’s Day and Compass Bank was closed. All banks are closed on Veteran’s Day, so I wasn’t too upset. I figured I would just wait until Saturday and cash the check then. I happened to be in San Antonio for the Rock N Roll Marathon on Saturday and, since I don’t live in San Antonio, I didn’t know the location of a Compass Bank. I did exactly what I do when I need to find something – I Googled it! BBVA Compass locations pop up all over Google maps in San Antonio (especially close to downtown)! I was happy to see that I was only minutes away from a bank. The joke was on me! Upon driving to the location on Google maps I found that none of the locations are actually open or visible. They’re either hidden in some office building or permanently closed! Try it yourself! It’s pitiful! At 9:15 am, after driving around for nearly 30 minutes, I accidentally found an open Compass Bank located at:

BBVA Compass
1038 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201

I thought my bad luck was finally changing. After driving around for 30 minutes all I had to do was walk in this bank and cash my check. Easy right?

Apparently, the day after Veteran’s Day is a pretty big day for the banks because no one was able to cash checks on Friday. So everyone went to the bank on Saturday morning just like me. This particular branch (NMLS #825271 – Managed by Adrian Zapata) was extremely busy. In fact, the line was out the door. There were at least 20 people in front of me. There was ONE teller handling the line of 20 people inside the bank and ONE teller handling the line of cars at the drive-through. To be fair, the teller, Denise, was doing the best she could to keep up. Also, the lady working the line at the drive-through was helping as best she could as well. The manager, instead of trying to resolve the issue of a line out the door, decided to sit and talk with 1 customer for nearly 20 minutes. The Manager got up to assess the situation, but did little to solve the problem. It was very obvious that this bank was understaffed. After waiting 31 minutes in line I finally reached the counter to talk to Denise. I had to wait until I got to the counter to endorse my check because the desk that is used for deposit slips, etc had no pens! The pens had all been ripped off the metal chains to which they were once attached! I really didn’t care at this point because I knew I was only 30 seconds from getting my cash and leaving this hell hole. After endorsing my check I was informed by Denise that I would incur a $7 FEE for cashing a BBVA Compass check! WHY!? Why should I pay a fee to cash a check that has the BBVA Compass NAME on it? Instead of arguing, I just took it in the pants and paid the $7. What a rip off!

BBVA Compass sucks. This bank is a joke. These bankers are a joke. The management at this bank is a horrible joke.

When I left the bank with $993.00 the line was STILL out the door. They hadn’t made a stitch of progress. The customer’s faces were hilarious. I feel sorry for them and anyone that deals with Compass Bank. I have encouraged my client to switch to a credit union immediately. He was truly appalled and embarrassed that they charged me $7 to cash his check.

If you’ve been ripped off by Compass Bank post your experience here. It’s comical to see just how bad these guys can get!

55 thoughts on “Compass Bank Sucks

  1. Jay

    Avoid doing any business with BBVA Compass at all cost. As a former employee that I am, I can tell you that they DO NOT care about customers at all. All they want is cross-sell to you and they charge you as many fees as they can. Their systems suck, and their customer service is a joke. They recently laid off a bunch of top performing people again, and replaced them with young, good for nothing employees who are getting paid a lot less than what the people they laid off were getting paid.
    Most BBVA Compass branches keep a bunch of boxes with sensitive customer information UNLOCKED and easily accessible. I had a good run while it lasted, but my last 6 months there were a nightmare. There are a lot a things wrong with that bank, and a lot of the employees who work there are pushed to do unethical practices due to the pressure they have to take when trying to get to meet their goals.

  2. pat

    I have been a preferred client customer for 4 years and lately I received a letter that they would close both of my saving and checking account and that they would send me a check via mail for the remaining balance! Is this the way they treat their preferred client customer? I have never seen such a banking system and the reason is excessive withdrawals but I haven’t made any withdrawal from my saving for the past 3 months. Yet I did make online payments using my NBA checking account which initially said unlimited ATM withdrawals and unlimited online bill pays within the account limit. I guess they do not want you to do anything with the money more than deposits. So what is the purpose of banking and this bank treat its customer disrespectfully and unfairly. I just realized they can get rid of their preferred client customer that easy! Should avoid this bank as it is not trustworthy and they could get rid of you whenever they wanted to! It is such a strange bank!

  3. Robert G

    It is November 2014 and Compass bank is still charging $7 to cash a check made from a business banking at Compass bank. Now this smells like fraudulent fees. I can understand if it was related to an overdraft or late fee but this is simply cashing a check from an account holder banking at Compass. There must be a way to change this type of fraudulent fee structure.

  4. Jeff

    Come on now. You just sound bitter over an inevitable situation. Almost every larger retail banking institution charges a fee to cash a check for non-customers. Plus, you went on a particularly busy day. Who’s to say that particular branch was just understaffed and in the process of hiring new employees or simply had employees that requested off for the holiday? And for that matter, who’s to say the manager wasn’t attempting to solve a problem with the individual who they spoke to for 20 minutes? I understand waiting can be frustrating, but it is a part of life. We wait for our burger at a restaurant, we wait for the pizza delivery man, and unfortunately, sometimes we’re going to have to wait to cash a check on a busy day. But scolding and degrading individuals who you personally do not know is completely irrational and downright immature. Banks will be banks. I noticed you portray your interest in credit unions. Yes, they are very lenient and have great interest rates, but on a Sunday afternoon, when you accidentally mess something up on your account, good luck getting in touch with somebody. Every financial institution will have it’s own weakness, but to over react and blatantly insult individual people associated with one is not the answer. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  5. noone

    I opened an account, opted out of a 2000$ line of credit overdraft protection. A few days later I got a letter congratulating me on my 2000$ credit line attached to my checking account. I tried to close this over the phone and was told that I would have to write a letter to the president of the company ??? This made no sense. I walked in the next day and closed my account.

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