Compass Bank Sucks

By | November 17, 2011

As a follow-up to my “Compass Bank Steals” post, I had to write again about my latest experience with Compass Bank in San Antonio, TX. Compass Bank BBVA is quite possibly the worst banking institution I’ve ever dealt with. This company will steal from you any way they can. They were recently sued (and settled) for re-ordering deposits in an attempt to overdraft the checking account of their customers as many times as possible. This is described in my post (linked above) and it happened to me. Unfortunately, I had to deal with Compass Bank over the weekend and my latest experience was just as bad.

I got  a check with the Compass Bank name on it in the amount of $1000. The check arrived on Thursday and I attempted to cash the check on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday was Veteran’s Day and Compass Bank was closed. All banks are closed on Veteran’s Day, so I wasn’t too upset. I figured I would just wait until Saturday and cash the check then. I happened to be in San Antonio for the Rock N Roll Marathon on Saturday and, since I don’t live in San Antonio, I didn’t know the location of a Compass Bank. I did exactly what I do when I need to find something – I Googled it! BBVA Compass locations pop up all over Google maps in San Antonio (especially close to downtown)! I was happy to see that I was only minutes away from a bank. The joke was on me! Upon driving to the location on Google maps I found that none of the locations are actually open or visible. They’re either hidden in some office building or permanently closed! Try it yourself! It’s pitiful! At 9:15 am, after driving around for nearly 30 minutes, I accidentally found an open Compass Bank located at:

BBVA Compass
1038 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201

I thought my bad luck was finally changing. After driving around for 30 minutes all I had to do was walk in this bank and cash my check. Easy right?

Apparently, the day after Veteran’s Day is a pretty big day for the banks because no one was able to cash checks on Friday. So everyone went to the bank on Saturday morning just like me. This particular branch (NMLS #825271 – Managed by Adrian Zapata) was extremely busy. In fact, the line was out the door. There were at least 20 people in front of me. There was ONE teller handling the line of 20 people inside the bank and ONE teller handling the line of cars at the drive-through. To be fair, the teller, Denise, was doing the best she could to keep up. Also, the lady working the line at the drive-through was helping as best she could as well. The manager, instead of trying to resolve the issue of a line out the door, decided to sit and talk with 1 customer for nearly 20 minutes. The Manager got up to assess the situation, but did little to solve the problem. It was very obvious that this bank was understaffed. After waiting 31 minutes in line I finally reached the counter to talk to Denise. I had to wait until I got to the counter to endorse my check because the desk that is used for deposit slips, etc had no pens! The pens had all been ripped off the metal chains to which they were once attached! I really didn’t care at this point because I knew I was only 30 seconds from getting my cash and leaving this hell hole. After endorsing my check I was informed by Denise that I would incur a $7 FEE for cashing a BBVA Compass check! WHY!? Why should I pay a fee to cash a check that has the BBVA Compass NAME on it? Instead of arguing, I just took it in the pants and paid the $7. What a rip off!

BBVA Compass sucks. This bank is a joke. These bankers are a joke. The management at this bank is a horrible joke.

When I left the bank with $993.00 the line was STILL out the door. They hadn’t made a stitch of progress. The customer’s faces were hilarious. I feel sorry for them and anyone that deals with Compass Bank. I have encouraged my client to switch to a credit union immediately. He was truly appalled and embarrassed that they charged me $7 to cash his check.

If you’ve been ripped off by Compass Bank post your experience here. It’s comical to see just how bad these guys can get!

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  1. shannon

    Compass Bank SUCKS!! We have been banking with Compass Bank for 11 years – the majority of those years as a “preferred client” – whatever that means (apparently nothing!). In 2009 we reported a debit card as lost or stolen – whoops..Compass Bank neglected to actually cancel the card so, here we are in 2011 and whoops…over $600 in fraudulent charges were debited from our checking account by some Chinese retailer – as I was trying to research what the hell was going on…this is when I learned of the “whoops” we forgot to actually cancel the card. Now, this is where the fun begins…we will refund your money…whoops, we didn’t receive the paperwork correctly so now we will debit the money..whoops – now we will reimburse your account…NSF fee’s we will consider paying you back for those….we will consider paying some of the charges that are hitting your now overdrawn account (because they keep pulling funds out..then putting them back in…) this is been going on for over three months. As of today, we are overdrawn – AGAIN – we have over $150 in NSF charges (just for today – yesterday was $228) – I will get this resolved to MY SATISFACTION – I’ve already begun to shut down our accounts with Compass and I will make sure I tell as many people as possible to beware…BEWARE of Compass Bank.

  2. carlos b

    The worse, I did when purchased my house was had choosen compass bank as my creditor, everything sounds good at the begining, after that is the worse bank I ever know.
    they do not offer any type of help when you need it. all they want is to keep the property after you paid several years., that mean you paid a lot of money to the principal, they dont care, they can make more money if they keep the property and the client will loose thousands of dollars.the reason is I have no job and I sked them for an extension of payment and they said no, I said then Iam goin to loose my house, all I want is to exten $700.00 dollars to pay you at the end of the contract.
    I talked to others Bank like Bank of america they do have goverment help options and bank clause that help to keep the property.
    others bank do not wants client loose the property.
    they are not SHARKS like COMPASS BANK.
    I am frustreted, about those people at that bank (thieves)

  3. Ruth Escobar

    IT IS TRUE THIS BANK IS NOT WORTH BANK WITH DONT DO IT!!!!I am having a bad experiance with Compass Bank right now! In Mesa Arizona the Signalbutt Branch! I opened an account with this bank and LA Fitness was debeting from my account untill one day they started to over charge me so I went to Compass Bank my so called bank and that I thought was on my side! and told them what was going on and my bankers there told me to close and reopen a new account I spoke to Sarah Taylor that day she never told me that if that company tried to pull $ out of the closed account it would reopen! 2 days later the LA Fitness tried pulling out $24.99 6 xs and the account reopened! without my knowledge! a CLOSED ACCT ! REOPENED and now the bank is charging me $24.99 6 xs and is also charging me overdrafts fees now they are telling me I have to pay them $315.95 on a Closed account and NO ONE IN THE BANK OR MANAGEMENT WILL HELP ME WITH THE PROBLEM! THIS BANK IN NOT ON YOUR SIDE! DONT BANK THERE EVER!

  4. oliver

    I thought the first example was rather entertaining. Not sure I would complain if I saw a teller who could serve 20 customers in 31 minutes. that must be a record. compass has been my bank for years. the only time I have had a problem was when I screwed up. but then, I guess I’m just one of those idiots who hasn’t enough sense to know when I’m being screwed so I suppose this post won’t be a post. I’m probably wasting my time. Stop your whining and pay attention to what you are doing and you won’t have so many problems. It is actually your stupidity that’s causing your problems, not compass bank, so just grow the hell up…..

  5. Shon Moeller

    Who thinks Oliver might work for Compass. Work on those anger issues Oliver may you might be the one who has some growing to do.

  6. Joshua

    It’s true Compass Bank does suck!! And its not my mistake I watch my account very closely. I have had trouble With several of them In Dallas TX, what ever you do don’t wait in the parking lot for the bank to open I did they called the cops on me, second they was rude to me and even after that and still, my account got low they charged me a $10 service fee which over-drafted my account then charged a $25 overdraft charge which is in my opinion is BS, I have been with many other banks and have never run into this. It is plain robbery and I will be switching back to my old bank

  7. admin

    To Oliver:

    I didn’t complain about the teller, idiot. Can you read? I clearly wrote:

    ” To be fair, the teller, Denise, was doing the best she could to keep up. Also, the lady working the line at the drive-through was helping as best she could as well. ”

    I complained that there’s a fee to cash a check with the COMPASS BANK name on it.

  8. Diana

    Compass Bank gets the WORSE Bank award! There is currently a commercial out for ALLY Bank which describes Compass to the “T”. If you catch it your dealings with them are right on. I don’t bank with Compass nor will I ever. I have been trying to get a lien release (why would you mail a title and not notorize or attach the letter to begin with is beyond my understanding) which was FAXED and marked ugent and after 4 days still not even touched by the Research Department. The customer service department can not even get ahold of there own people. They don’t return calls nor emails. I spoke with two supervisors who tried to acquire assistance within there own company and forget about trying to get someone who can make a decison or solve a problem.

  9. Joe

    I am so pissed at BBVA Compass that I have filed a complaint with FDIC Regulators. If you would like to do the same please call 18888511920.

  10. cindy

    I don’t work at compass but I have worked in banking for the past few years and I have found that most people make mistakes and blame it on the bank, you should spend more time on your finances instead of complaining about everyone else! You are pathetic and I cam see how Oliver would feel the need to stick up for the teller! Also…do some research before sounding like an idiot yourself…every large (yet secure) bank charges a fee for a non account holder to cash a check. The next time you go into whatever bank has to deal with you, go ahead and ask them how much they charge…and then let us know the outcome. Here’s a news flash, a bank is a business and you will be charged for their service!

  11. greg

    The bank in Gainesville Fl charged me a $38 NSF fee becase my deposit did’nt post over the weekend but the bad check did. They don’t service the Northeastern US so I had to pay atm fees when I travel. This despite my opting into their “atm refund program” that they cancelled when I tried to get my refunds. They said I was notified by mail that I never received.

  12. Marie

    On Thursday January 19th I made a purchase during my lunch hour at Dollar Tree in the amount of $4.19. I had $9 in my account. Later that evening I made a $10 purchase at Burger King. I knew it would be covered and not be charged an NSF fee because my check would be direct deposited at midnight. I was so wrong! They charged me two $38 NSF fees because they said I did not have enough money in my account even though my check was deposited at midnight. I had done this on so many other occassions where I would go and get something on Thursday evening knowing I didn’t have enough funds but knew my check would cover it. I did that for over a year and all of a sudden they want to charge me NSF fees. I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years. I stayed with them even after Toyota Motor Credit screwed up and took out a payment in the amount of $450 twice and I tried to get Compass to help me in which it took them over a month and a half to get the problem straightened out. Might I add they charged me NSF fees then too even though it was not my fault. Their customer service reps are p.o.s’s. All they tell you is “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do, we can not reverse any NSF fees. I apologize but you need to be more responsible with your checking account” Not even if you are a loyal customer are they willing to help you. SO screw COMPASS BANK!

  13. star

    I wld have to agree with everyone on here except oliver who obviously works for them but I have only been with compass for about a month now and i already regret my decision of even opening an account with them.I dont like the idea that they automatically take $25 out of my checkng acc every month and put it in my savings to save money im always willing to save money but i think that shld be my idea to do that not them…..example num 2-my job banks with them so i wld go there to cash my checks before i started banking with them and they wld tell me i have to pay the fee and im like ok but these are yall’s checks its guaranteed funds i thought that was really stupid…example num 3- i go in there to cash my income tax and these fools tell me that they wld have to put my check on hold for 7 business days bc it was over a thousand dollars now u wanna talk about me being pissed i was so mad!!!!! i asked the teller like u gotta be kidding me its a government check im pretty sure that its not gonna bounce but not only that its a num on the front of the check for you to call and verify the check she still wldnt take it so i had to end up taking my check to walmart to cash it—-not only that but my mom use to bank with them and they told her that since she didnt have direct deposit set up or bring money in on a regular basis to deposit then they were gonna charge her a fee so of course my mom closed her account very smart lady so i think im going to follow in her foot steps—they r a very stupid bank and a very big inconvenience

  14. ppstd

    talk about stupid . I closed all my acct.s in 2006 and they keep sending me letters about a safe deposit box that was also closed at the same time. I have no keys and signed all proper paperwork but because of some incompetent employee, they have no keys and no paper work, and want me to pay for this box !! no notices for 6 yrs. and all of the sudden I still own this box. Talked till blue in the face and they say that they can not do anything because they can’t find the keys and it is my fault !! Their mngt. is incapable to solve the problem , so they can keep sending letters and have a box with no use to anyone ..

  15. Wanda Boulet

    My son died in 2010 had no will at the time called the bank to put a checking account on freeze the account had approx $500 dollars COMPASS BANK was charging a service fee every month and the balance was going down each and every month. Called to stop the charges and they insisted they could not stop the charges. I was asking for there help until I could get a court order to close the account. But you know the rest now that I have the order there is no money left from the charges being made against the account. This bank is stealing from the dead no customer service or help to some who needs. I am 89 years old and could have used the money.

    Wanda Boulet

  16. PL

    Yes, they are the worst thiefs in town, they were unable to give me a loan in my home I have an excellent credit they kept the loan fee 400 dolars.they hide the option for small bussines loan and instead provide a crapy load 7.5% interst, they change they their thoughtd 30 minutes before closing, charging me 20% in down payment from 10% they had asked in writting……downtown compass is is the worst, do not trust those guys…be aware

  17. Ryan

    To go out of your way to the point where you create a website to bad mouth a company clearly shows that this person is very immature.

    I understand we all have the right to voice our opinions but we also need to understand that a bad experience can happen anywhere; whether it’s a financial institution, a restaurant, a government establishment, or any type of business in general.

    The ideal thing to do is, if you are unhappy at a certain place simply go somewhere else. We have the luxury of having a market where we can choose from.

    If you don’t like McDonalds go to Burger King, if you don’t like UPS go to FedEx, if you don’t like Time Warner go to Dishnetwork…catch my drift…

    I believe that employees in all companies strive to be successful and to help customers inthe be best way they can.

  18. Joe Marziano

    Hey Ryan,
    What branch of Compass Bank do you work at, or are you one of those Bleeding Heary Liberals that just wants to get along with everyone. If I have a good experience with a business I will go out of my way to tell as many people as I can, but if I am given bad service by someone, I will make sure I tell as many people as I can, and Compass bank is very close to that

  19. YouTellEm

    Yeah – and just because 20 or 30 people have a crappy experience and feel the need to take the time to go online search for a place that hates the bank so thay can post they’re bad experience doesn’t mean it’s a bad bank…. OH – WAIT – YES IT DOES. I’m not going to whine about my problems – but COMPASS BANK IS DUMB!

  20. Walter Cassell

    I have been with Compass Bank for four years, and have had nothing but good experiences, as I’m sure thousands of customers have. Every business has it’s ups and downs, good and bad points. Remember, they are all run by imperfect people. What is nice is that if you dont like them, you can change. There are many choices out there, so instead of continuing to gripe and whine, do something about it. By the way, I dont work for Compass, I’m retired, in case anyone wants to make that assinine assumption.

  21. Glenna

    Compass Bank steals is they can. Not allowing a customer to write a check without the recipient having to pay a $7.00 fee is theft. And they put nothing in anything written that I have been able to find revealing this fee. Deceptive!!

  22. Glenna

    I do intend to question my own bank if they have a similar fee. I have never heard of a bank doing this. Unfortunately, I feel few banks are really honorable.

  23. Taylor

    I have been banking with Compass for 7 years now and yes they have screwed up a few times in a very big way but they always fix the problem. I have banked with damn near every large bank in the US and they all make mistakes but that’s business. I agree they should not charge a 7 dollar fee but they do and before you said yes to cashing it and getting so pissed off to design your own website you should have deposited the check at your own bank and bypassed this mess…. I am in the oil and gas business so I do not work for Compass I just hate people that complain about every damn thing I mean really get a F%$in life!!!!

  24. Shawna

    There are few banks, if any that do not charge you when you want to cash a check without having an account with the bank it’s drawn off. That has become standard banking practice a few years ago. As far as the $38.00 charge for using funds before the 12:01 am which is the start of the banking day, the funds were not in your account because your direct deposit was being applied on the next business day. You should have received the charge. The bank allows you to OPT out of bank paying debit charges, then you would get denied. Who will you be mad at then. Read your info, you need to understand your own accounts with any bank or credit card.
    Furthermore, how many BANKS now days offer REWARDS for all credit purchases on your DEBIT CARD. I personally don’t know of one, enlighten me on those banks.

  25. admin

    I’m glad to see Compass Bank employees are still reading my blog. My favorite thing about Compass Bank is what a joke they are. Please tell me why I should be charged $7 to cash a check at a bank that issued the check? The bank has no risk involved. It knows the money is in the account. Why should I pay $7? It’s because the bank is trying to encourage me to open an account there and punishing me for not having an account. Bad move. Now my site ranks in Google for “Compass Bank” and other related terms. Everyone will see what Compass Bank does to its customers and hopefully stay away.

    As for your comments on overdraft, Compass bank was sued and settled for these practices. You should know that they have since changed (so they say). So my complaints are valid.

  26. emp

    This bank steals from its customers. I have been a customer for 11 yrs and will not make it 12. Online banking is garbage. Customer service stinks. Interest rates are tanking. Hidden fees all the time,if not every month. Anything that was once “For life” i.e. Free checking or Free ATMs, have evaporated. The customer support has gone down but their stock portfolio has gone up. How can a company make more money while doing by doing bad business? They are stealing from their customers.

  27. Student

    Compass Bank has the worst customer service. They are all about taking money for fees period. It’s always the same story they always win. I wrote a check on the same day my direct deposit went into my account and they charged me $38 because the check was deposited in another bank before they opened. They said it had to be written after 8 am. The person I wrote it to did not have access to the funds until the next day anyway! The banks post a notice that deposits before 2pm will be posted next business day. But I get charged fee. It happens too often. I went in and closed my account they never asked why? Never said sorry to lose you nothing. Obviously they are making so much money off fees from customers it doesn’t matter if they lose some!
    I will tell everyone I know not to bank there.

  28. Tmac

    Thanks God I am not the only one!!This bank cost me thousands to have FREE checking. They will come up with more and more reasons to take your money. The harder the Feds come down on them the harder they have to work to come up with new ways and fees to make up the difference. GOD I HATE THIS BANK!!!

  29. Pat

    Oh y’all, just stop being so petty! If you don’t like what a bank is doing, get out and go to another. There are plenty of banks that will oblige you. Just keep enough money in your account so you will not be charged for NSF. If you have no money, don’t order a hamburger and stay out of Dollar Tree. Just don’t give them permission to overcharge you. It’s your money. Keep it. Have you ever heard of Bank of America or Chase Bank???????????

  30. Jocmur

    When I first set up this account, I had it set up where each month it would take out $25 from my account (MY OWN MONEY) and place into savings… Not bad right? No. Well I had run low on money and didn’t have $25 in there one month to transfer. They still tried to transfer it over. And not only that, they charged a $38 NSF fee. It’s not like I charged from a vendor!!!! How stupid can you get? Along with this issue and the fact that their monthly charge is ridiculous, I decided to cancel it. When we went to go in and talk to them and try to cancel it, they noticed that their was a pending transaction on the account and they can’t cancel it while that is there. I haven’t spent anything on this card because I haven’t put money on it. Can you guess what the pending transaction is????? THE $25 TRANSFER THAT I SET UP. A transfer that was supposed to be only with my money in the account. So now I will get another $38 NSF fee. We told them how absolutely stupid all of this is…. They don’t care. SOOOO IRRITATED. COMPASS SUCKS.

  31. admin

    Some of these stories are hilarious. How can a business that is run so poorly still exist? Keep the comments coming. This page ranks on Google and one day Compass Executives will take note and hopefully make some changes.

  32. Pastpunk

    Interesting comments by all posters. I recently opened an account with BBVA Compass Bank and there were some odd hurdles, frustrations, and well-handled situations. You be the judge:

    I was browsing online and noticed a promotion for $100.00 if you opened a new account (online only). Since the direct deposit requirement was only $300.00 per statement cycle, I figured it would not be too much of an inconvenience. Per the promotion disclosure, the only stipulation was that the account had to be opened on-line, and to have my social security number and driver’s license number ready.

    As I prefer using my passport, I called the toll-free number. After getting through, I was on hold for 17 minutes. I asked the phone clerk who answered if there were a problem, and he stated that their phone line is very busy with account inquiries, and BBVA makes a point to thoroughly answer all clients’ questions. I mildly replied if the thought that their call center had a staffing problem. He did not say anything, but did answer my question that I would be able to open the account using my U. S. Passport.

    I proceeded to open the account, provided the required information, a debit card for the opening deposit. I had not heard from BBVA from nine calendar days of receiving the acknowledgement e-mail, so I called the number again. I was not on hold very long this time, but when I asked what the status of my account was and the clerk stated that the application was still in queue, but he was able to find out that my application was denied because I did not live near a branch within 60 miles of my zip code. I asked, if location would make any difference given the direct deposit and/or web bill pay transaction for the promotion and if I were to physically go to a branch to open the account, if they would honor the promotion. He said I could open the account at a branch regardless of my zip code, but would not qualify for the promotion. I replied, “are you serious?” He answered, “is there anything else I can do for you?” I replied, “Yes, thank you for re-affirming my faith in Bank of A****** and U**** Bank.”

    A few minutes later, I then received an e-mail that my application was denied, but no reason why, but rather the same toll-free phone number. I called again, explained my situation, and this time the phone clerk said there might be a possibility that the promotion may be honored at a branch where you open the account. I asked for his name, employee number, and direct phone line. He said he did not have an employee number, but did give me his full name and direct line to a 205 area code.

    I go an a business trip and go into a BBVA Branch. The assistant manager explained the cost center/profit center set up, and that opening an account out of a geographic area was beyond the scope of the call/internet banking center. He did state that this was a unique situation, and that he hand not come across this before. He did call the phone clerk whose name and number I noted, and was appalled to find out that it ordinarily takes 48 hours to get either an affirmative or negative e-mail response when applying for an account online, and that the hold up was that no once had looked at my application until I called their client service line!

    OK, so even the Assistant Branch Manager was not sure what to do regarding honoring the promotion, but he had enough sense to see that I was the perfect client for such a promotion: direct deposits, online bill pay, and not one to add to any branch traffic. He said he would have to make some calls, and would make a point to call me by their closing time, 6 p.m, as it was Friday.

    No call came by Friday, so I went in the following Saturday to inquire. His reply seemed honest, in that no one had returned his calls, but given the unique situation, it was likely that it would be honored but he would have to consult his branch manager for approval, and the branch manager would not be in until Monday. I was leaving the following day, but again, he made a point that the promotion disclosure did not mention any geographical restrictions and that it would be likely that BBVA will honor the promotion.

    OK, so I decide to open the account and the Assistant Branch manager was going to keep an eye out for my direct deposit so that he can process the promotion bonus quickly. Upon opening the account, he did a soft credit inquiry and I was pre-approved for an overdraft line of credit . To make up for the inconveniences thus far, he recommended that I sign up for their Compass Plus membership, as the check orders are free for basic custom checks (in carbonless duplicate) and once the $5.00 service charge hits my account for the membership fee, to e-mail him to indicate that I want to un-enroll so he can reverse the fee, but the initial check order would be free of charge under the Compass Plus program.

    I receive the check order, decent-looking checks (not that I care), but my first name and city are incorrect. No problem, I figure, since I had 4 temporary checks and the debit card and PIN had arrived. As I went online to e-mail the assistant branch manager who opened my account, he had already sent me an e-mail that he was on the look out for my direct deposit so he would process the promotion bonus, and he was checking to see if my debit card and check order had arrived.

    I thanked him that the debit card had arrived, and explained the errors on the check order, so I e-mailed him the corrections to my name and address. He e-mailed me back apologizing and confirming the first name and city. I snail-mailed him a BBVA deposit slip with the incorrect information, and a blank Bank of A****** money market withdrawal slip, with the correct name and address.

    Well, dog-gone it, I received the second check order with the correct address, but the name was still incorrect! Meanwhile, I had received an automatic e-mail regarding a loan product that seemed interesting, and he answered my questions and brought up some other options of which I was not aware. I had not told him about the check re-order, as I have to go on another business trip and am resolved to pay a visit and ensure the third check order is correct (as well as get a couple temporary checks).

    I forgot a few things: that following Monday after opening the account, the Branch Manager called, thanked me for my business, and asked me to keep BBVA in mind as far as referring others. I stated, “we shall see,” but also made a point that I was VERY impressed with the way his Assistant Branch Manager handled the account opening, but that I was equally UN-impressed with their automatic online/account call center.

    Another note, one of my other banks, U**** Bank, suggested that I open an overdraft account for just-in-case situations, and when asked what amount I wanted, I replied “just $100.00 as my problem are those spur of the moment debit card transactions.” The teller supervisor explained that the standard amount is $500.00. So I asked it would be a soft or hard credit check, and she said it would be soft. Well, dog-gone it, it turned out to be a hard credit check, AND I was declined!

    Granted, since I know that U**** Bank is Japanese-owned, I figured the decision was made out of a more conservative approach to lending. What upset me more was the un-needed hard credit check. Probably because I bought a California home in 2006 not too far from the coast, so my debt-to-income ratio was higher than if I had waited until the housing current housing market slump. Looking at it from that perspective, I have to say that my accounts at U**** Bank are sound, given such a conservative approach to lending.

    Of further note, had I been approved for the overdraft line at U**** Bank, the annual $14.00 maintenance fee would have been waived for the first year, and any subsequent fees were strictly on the interest of overdraft draws. The $1,500.00 overdraft line that BBVA approved for me has not annual maintenance fee, but there is a $12.00 per draw fee, in addition to the interest on unpaid balances.

    I can’t say I’m too upset with BBVA, and like I told the branch manager who called, “we’ll see.”

  33. Scott

    Compass has gone down hill and picking up speed… Recently I had noticed they would no longer give deposit slips from the drive thru… Then an increased charge if account fell below a certain level, no matter if it were a day or so… Then, in huntsville alabama, depositing a check, the line was out the door, 1 teller, 1 customer service rep… Maintenance was being done at the teller area… A contractor brought lunch for the young teller… It was obvious she was focused on him as the line got longer… 45 minutes to the window… A prior week, I spoke with the customer service rep. about making some address changes. She had trouble pulling up my account… I told her I was somewhat computer savvy and suggested a free program… Malwarbytes… She was so interested that it left me to wonder if she had just fallen in to this job with little to no experience… Depositing money now takes an unusual amount of time to clear… Ill be pulling out soon… 4 years as a client….

  34. Pete

    U r an IDIOT!….the service u recieved under the circumstances was exemplary (see above post of how fast and efficiently) the tell was handling a long line of customers….brick-and-mortar banks that DON’T charge u to cash a check drawn on their bank if u do not have an account at THAT particular institution are as rare as feathers on a fish these days….I have had NOTHING but wonderful service, both in person and on the phone with COMPASS BANK in Dallas for the last 11 years, so stop whining

  35. Billy

    you guys are not realizing compass isn’t going to pay all these people to simply monitor some little blog in the middle of nowhere to say how awesome they are.

    on another note, i had a join checking account with a woman. i told the bank, guys this girl is GOING to take my checks ( for school ) and endorse my name, and i do NOT approve it. they said, sorry that’s to bad, we can’t remove you or her from the account as long as it’s open. so i said fine, lets close it. the bank then said, can’t do that either, as their is a pending check for 904.90 ( the ammount of my school check ). so i could not be removed from the account, or take MY money because we are on a join account. so i can understand if i hadn’t told them anything, but the banker KNEW us, and she KNEW i told her i DONT want this whore to sign my name, and cash my check. the same banker, told her she could, she’s on video doing it, the police said they can’t do anything because we had a joint account. 6 months later, i havn’t seen a dime, and the girl that i filed a report on, is fine and dandy. nothing happened to her. compass bank, also closed ALL of my accounts after i filed a complaint, they closed my credit accounts, my auto loans, my savings, money market, and checking. Then they said, please don’t come back. their is NOTHING i can do. banks are supposed to be on our side.. lifes a bitch.

  36. Victor

    We are happy to close our BBVA Compass Bank Account. We had a business account with Compass for about 8 years. We opened the account only because it was advertised “free business checking”. It worked well for few years, and then they started charging monthly fees. There was not an easy way to avoid the monthly fees. (It required some high deposit or other transactions, and our business required different financial setup). Anyway, we are glad to say good-bye to Compass bank!

  37. marilyn

    I have banked with Compass since 1996. In January of 2012, I set up a direct deposit for my checking account. Guess what … the deposit is posted after same-day charges … resulting in whopping OD fees, some of which I have had reversed, still arguing about the rest. Most recently my account was hacked and a week later they still haven’t refunded the fraudulent charges. I am so sick. (When my Chase account was hacked, the bank refunded the charges within 24 hours). Obviously I need to close this account … after I get MY MONEY back. Meanwhile, I have an idea. We can drive this bank nuts by making penny deposits as often as we want. Let’s make them earn their “fees.”

  38. Fed Up With Being Robbed

    After the experiences I’ve had with Compas Bank…..I would never recommend nor refer anyone to do banking through them! Not only did they close my account on three different occasions without notifying me, according to them because i dint maintain a ballance of $1500.00 per month, so therefor considered dormant….psh, they were charging a 11.95 monthly service charge along with a $3.00 paper statement fee! I refuse to pay someone to bank with them! That’s obserd!! Next , I closed my account & here three months later…..they keep applying monthly service charges & paper statement fees to the closed account that they claim was never closed after my speaking with three different people, who each time assured me that the account was showing it was closed & this was resolved!!

  39. Susan

    Don’t you know that Compass bank is not at all the original Compass bank. That is why they have the BBVS – Spainard’s bought out the original bank years ago and then it went down hill.

  40. J. Reach

    To all Compass customers in Alabama and Florida:
    Compass has made a few changes to the Banking Agreement and of course the changes benefit Compass and screw the customer. You can review the changes on Compass’s web site but be sure you pay close attention to the 2nd paragraph on page 4 under the heading “Posting Order and Order of Payment”.

  41. M. Bianchi

    Wait, Wait. I have read most of these posts and NOT one person has taken accountability for their own actions. I don’t, let me type this again I DO NOT, work for a bank but it seems to me that by doing homework and taking care of basic finances it can be smooth sailing. Most big banks have financial requirements the customers have to meet, homework for you- go to your big banks website and look up their personal accounts information/requirements. Also overdrafts geez come on people, do not spend what you do not have it makes it very simple and it does not cause headaches simply put: to take care of YOUR OWN MONEY. This is what is disturbing to me, responsible people don’t get twisted about big banks after all it is a-for- profit entity- now there are the irresponsible people that blog such rants/blogs as this one that don’t want to be adults and own up to their mistakes. Most of you know damn well that banks/FED only operates Monday thru Friday, again that is Monday thru Friday (unless there is a holiday) and Saturdays are what they call customer convenience days. Those days, Saturdays, nothing gets processed by a bank/or FED until the next business day- hence NEXT BUSINESS DAY = Tuesday. BLAME IT ON BANKS?, but at the end of the day it comes down to- did you swipe your card, pay a bill, write a check, made a withdrawal from your account NOT KNOWING YOUR BALANCE OR THE STATUS OF YOUR ACCOUNT?! OR did you make it HOPING a deposit would clear prior to that item showing up in your account!

  42. Joe

    I have to admit, reading most of these posts, it is obvious, to me, that the whiners here have nobody to blame but themselves and their own stupidity, in their dealings with BBVA, for the complaints they have. I hate BBVA, and I think it’s the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with, but not because of charges that I might incur if I failed to manage my accounts wisely as the less than bright folks, above, have done. Instead, I hate their tellers who never stay more than a few weeks at the branch I go to. BBVA must be a totally for-crap place to work. They can only get fat, stupid, ugly tellers, apparently, and those tellers are rude and a pain to deal with. In addition, the online banking system is terrible. The verification codes they give you are a joke, with mostly letters like “V,W,” which are hard to differentiate when placed close together. Not a single other bank I deal with uses such codes. The letters outnumber the numbers, in the BBVA codes, and it is tough to record these codes on paid bills. All other banks use a letter, or two, and then a transaction number. That is a far superior system. I think my branch will be closing soon. Even on a Friday afternoon, there are only two people using the drive-thru, and no other cars in the customer lot. What a depressing place.

  43. N Bynum

    Compass Bank Does Sucks
    I have been banking with this bank for more than 20 years. Today I received my savings account statemant from the bank. It did not have inteeresst earned credited to it. Phoned the bank. Bank reply was that the policy had changed and the creddit would show on next months statement. Talked to two different peersons. A customer service and a supervisor, all were in Puerto Rico

  44. anotherunhappycustomer

    As if it couldn’t be worse we see proof these guys are a rotten band. My Dallas branches have ben good to me the past five years. Well…one group of people. The assistant managers run the teller line and usually are a good group of customer focused people. Trying and running around. They just laid them ALL off. How does a bank get rid of their ONLY good folks??? Ive clised all of my accounts. They might lay me off as a customer so I quit first.

  45. Gene Smith

    DON”T USE COMPASS BANK!! NSF fee is $38.00. I have had an account for over 20 years and they are the most inconsiderate, uppity and holier than thou individuals in management I have ever had to deal with. They are very firm in getting at your monies through NSF. They consistantly put NSF charges on my account. I’m not closing my account but the large sums that I have at other financial institutions will never cross their threasholds. They are not the kind of people you want to deal with. I guess I now know why the parking lots are so empty and there are no teller lines. Their online banking system is a mess and I absolutely refuse to use it. Would you leave your retirement savings at such a place. I’m really into Chase Bank. Their online banking is the best. Transfer funds between accounts, pay your chase credit cards and all the information is on one screen. The ATM at most of the Chase Banks work great and the ones at COMPASS are very old technology. One actually wouldn’t accept deposits and when asked, they replied that they knew it. SAVE YOURSELF ALOT OF ANGUISH< DON"T BANK AT COMPASS!!!!!!

  46. Educate yourself!

    Every bank you go to and try to cash a check while being a non- customer will charge a check cashing fee! It is a service being provided to someone who prefers immediate access to the cash instead of waiting for his or her bank to make the funds available!!! It’s not a rip off its a business!

  47. Edwin gibson

    I opened a compass account and havent had any trouble as of yet…however my company that I work for bank at regions and they charged me 14 dollars to cash my payroll check… that sucks

  48. It's getting UGLY

    The Asisstant Branch Managers just got Laid off and were replaced by SSA’s ( Sales Reps ) they ( SSA’s ) new job is to call current customers and upsell products, even if you do not need them or want them. they are paid based on sales. BBVA Compass does not care about the CUSTOMER. Remember they are OWNED by a Sapnish Bank BBVA so all the monies have to go back to Spain.They have the highest NSF FEES in the Banking Industry, I would rather bank with a US based Bank !

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