How to Remove Presidential Alerts on Galaxy S4 Verizon

By | August 24, 2013

How to remove “Presidential Alerts” from Galaxy S4 I545-VRUAME7

First, you must root your Galaxy S4. Takes 10 minutes if you have an extra MicroSD Card. Follow the instructions for rooting Galaxy S4 here.  Install BusyBox & Terminal Emulator from the play store if you haven’t done so already.

Alright, I’m going to take you guys back to old-school linux and the “vi” editor. Get familiar with the vi editor here.  vi is a text editor that isn’t very easy to use, but it is useful in cases like this!

To remove Presidential Alerts, open your terminal and type: “su” (without quotes).  You will see your command line go from “@android: / $”  TO “@android: /#”.

The “#” means you are operating as root. Good work!

Now take a deep breath and type:

vi data/data/

Learn to navigate using the commands j,h,k,l.  This will move the cursor around.  Once you’re ready to edit the file press “a” and you can type.  Edit the file using the vi editor (use the link above to learn how to move about the file).   It is strange to get used to because the keyboard actually works as a way to move about the file at first. You are looking for some crap (towards the top of the file) that says “#cmas#type##presidential#enabled=true”.  You want to change the “true” to “false”.   If you screw up, just close the terminal window and start over.  It will take practice to learn how vi works, but once you get the hang of it you will be okay.  You might want to practice and edit a file that doesn’t matter so you don’t screw up your phone.

TRICK!! If you were using vi on a computer you have to press “esc” to get out of the typing mode.  There is no “esc” on your keyboard. Once you are done editing the file, press the volume down key until you see a “>”. then press ‘c’ on your keyboard. That will take you to the top of the file. Now, just type “:wq” and hit enter. The file will be saved. Reboot your phone. Check your message settings!