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By | October 15, 2010

I have seen some cool stuff in my day, but one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time is the iolite vaporizer. If you’re uncertain as to what I’m talking about, check out this information on What is a vaporizer for quick answers to your questions.  This thing is just cool and you can even use a vaporizer to quit smoking cigarettes. I’m a big cigar smoker, most people know that, but I occasionally try out herbal smokes because of the huge amount of variations in flavors.   One of the things I like least about cigars (probably the only thing) is that because a cigar puts off so much smoke it always gets on your clothes and in your hair and you smell like an ashtray for hours.  It’s annoying to not be able to smoke a cigar late at night and crawl into bed without a shower.   I assume most herbal smokers feel the same way as some herbs tend to also have aromas associated with them.  Enter the vaporizer – the solution to all smoke-related problems!

With the invention of the e-cig, smokeless nicotine indulgence has been in the media and has been spammed all over the internet.  Sure you’ve seen a commercial or ad for an e-cig.  The E-cig came from an idea that has been in existence for quite some time – the Vaporizer!   A vaporizer works differently from rolling papers, bongs, cigarettes, pipes, etc.   The best Vaporizers actually create an enormous amount of heat that vaporizes the herb without leaving any smoke.   No smoke means no smell! It also means no harmful smoke enters your lungs.   One of the newest and best vaporizers available today is the iolite portable vaporizer.

iolite has come up with an awesome idea for a portable vaporizer. Why is the iolite vaporizer so neat? Well, it’s portable first of all and it features all the performance of a table-based vaporizer. It heats up to nearly 380 degrees and instantly transforms your herbs into an inhaled indulgence.

Overall, it’s an awesome little portable vaporizer and I’d recommend it to nearly anyone that likes to smoke herbs and doesn’t want to smell like smoke (or whatever herb they are smoking).

My suggestions to buyers:
1. Buy it online! You can save a lot of money. A few sites I found sell them for less than $170 That’s nearly 1/2 the retail price.
2. Get some herbal mixtures to try with the vaporizer. There are a lot of great flavors of herbs and they’re are also a lot of benefits from herbal blends.
3. Don’t expect the iolite portable vaporizer to be the end-all of vaporizing. It’s pretty dang neat, but it’s intended for short hits and to be portable. It isn’t going to fill up an entire bag for long-term use.

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