SEO And Content – Why Content is King

By | May 11, 2010

One of the most important aspects of SEO is your content. In fact, I often advise people that are new to SEO that “Content is King” and I usually reiterate this at least three times. Again, if you want to do well at SEO you need to think like a search engine. Google, as you might suspect, is incapable of seeing images or graphics. All graphics and images to Google are treated the same because it doesn’t know what they are anyway. Google does not care what a website looks like nor does it know if one site “looks” better than another. In fact, the best website in the eyes of Google is a website with no graphics at all. It can only deal with text. Since Google doesn’t do well with graphics or images you need to balance your pictures with content (text) that Google is capable of reading. A lot of webmasters fail to balance graphics or flash with Google-readable text. The trick is to find a balance that allows your readers to enjoy the look of your website while also allowing Google to have a good idea what your website is about. In this post I’ll give you a few hints on writing content that Google will find valuable as well how to work in keywords that you want to rank for in the search engines.

Writing valuable content means writing unique content. Duplicate content will only get you penalized by Google. Duplicate content will be covered in another post, but just remember that copying / pasting content from another website will not help you with SEO. In the long run it will only hurt you.

There is a ton of crap information on the internet that tries to teach you how to write content based on keyword density. Keyword density is a technique that some SEO gurus swear by. In short, it is a method of counting your keywords vs other words to come up with a percentage that Google finds attractive. There is a little validity to this method. The true method of writing content with keywords is to write your content just like you would write anything else. Do not try to stuff your keyword into your paragraphs as many times as possible and don’t worry about the keyword density. The best way to write content is to completely ignore Google and write it for humans to like and understand. Again, make sure your write content that is unique. Google likes text that is fresh and new.

The smart way to write content is to base the content around the keywords for which you want to rank. I have tested several methods over nearly four years and I’ve found one method to work the best – create a new paragraph for each keyword you want to rank for! Let’s do an example. I own an iphone accessory store and I want to rank for several keywords: iPhone Accessories, iPhone Cases, iPhone Skins, etc. Here’s how I would write my content for the page I want to rank:

“iPhone Accessories are a necessity when it comes to protecting your iPhone…. (Blab on for 100 words or so – make sure you use the keywords at least once more in a natural manner that sounds nice to HUMANS)”

(next paragraph)
“iPhone Cases are the perfect accessory to protect your iphone from scratches and dents…(keep going for 100 words or so just as you did in the first paragraph)”

(next pagraph)
“iPhone Skins make your iphone customized to you! We have the best prices on iPhone skins online. If you’re looking for a high-quality skin that will last for years then our website is the perfect place to buy!”

Notice how I put my keyword first or close to first on each paragraph. I can’t tell you why this works, but it does!

A few more tips:
1. Don’t try to rank for 15 keywords all on one page. Break it up and try to limit ranking to 2-3 keywords per page.
2. Keep your keywords similar on each page.
3. Make sure you write content that might also pick up long-tailed searches. For instance, in the iphone Accessories paragraph above it might be smart to put something like, “We have the best prices on iPhone Accessories online as well as fast shipping!” You could get lucky and somehow rank for “best Prices on IPhone Accessories” or “iPhone Accessories Online” or “iPhone accessories with fast shipping”. Believe it or not – people search for all kinds of wild stuff. Use your imagination and try to pick out as much of the possibilities as you can. Trying to rank for only the high volume keywords can hurt you. If you can pick up good rankings for the long-tailed keyword searches you can pick up a lot of high-quality traffic!