SEO Tips & Tricks – Use Your Title Tags

By | March 31, 2010

I’ve been getting some requests for SEO tips so here’s a big one.   Title Tags!  If you don’t know what a title tag is then I’ll give you a quick hint.  Check out your meta-tags located in the header tags of your web page.  For instance, if you want to see the title tag of this article simply right click on any blank space on this web page and click on “view source”.  You will see something like:

<title>SEO Tips & Tricks – Use Your Title Tags</title>

This title tag is very important to crawlers like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  The crawlers weigh this tag fairly heavy when it comes to OPSEO (On Page SEO).    For instance, did you know that the title of a page is the actual text that shows up in blue on a google search?   99% of the time this is what your searcher will see!   That makes it pretty important right?  Right.

While we’re at it, lets discuss how to write a quality title tag.  Knowing that Google is going to put this on its search engine in big blue letters, you want to have a relevant and useful title tag that is an overview of the entire article.   For example, another great title tag for this page might be:  “Title Tags – An important Part of SEO”.    A bad title tag for this page might be:  “crawlers like Google think title tags are important and 99% of the time you see your title tag in big blue letters – so make a really great title tag!”    The second example is extremely long and doesn’t summarize the entire article. Instead its part of your article.   Make it simple and clean.  Usually, the shorter the better.    Don’t get too short though!  A title tag like “SEO” isn’t very useful to google or people running across your site on a search.

Another trick to having awesome title tags is to do your best at putting in keywords that might get searched.    For instance, I’m guessing that with this title tag and this article I will probably rank in google for “SEO Title Tag Tricks”.  I am doubtful that I will rank for “How to write great title tags”.   Though its not certain that I will rank for “SEO Title Tag Tricks” in Google, I’m fairly certain I should rank well because my article is well written and my title tag tells Google exactly what I’m talking about.  I also have every single keyword in my title tag that is in my search.

Finally, try to make your title tag unique and interesting.  Not too short. Not too long. Not too specific. Not too broad.  Use keywords if it makes sense.

I see this all of the time.  This is another example of what NOT to do:
“SEO – Title Tags – The best Title Tags – Great Title Tags – How to make a great Title Tag – SEO Tricks with Title Tags”

A searcher will not be able to tell what in the hell you’re talking about or why he should click on your site.  Though “stuffing” keywords into your title tags might help in the short-term, in the long run you’ll only be creating more work for yourself.  Google will eventually realize that your title tags are stuffed with keywords and users that find your site will be rather disappointed when your title tag has misled them.  Google knows when users click on your site and off your site and it will penalize you for tricking users.  Just do as I say.   Make good title tags.

Are title tags going to get you to the top of Google? Maybe. It depends.   Are they really important?  Yes.  Try it for yourself and you’ll see what a big difference it makes in your rankings.