Source Hydration Kangaroo Canteen

By | June 6, 2013

I do a lot of hiking & have been looking for an updated, improved, super-hero version of the traditional CamelBak hydration system. What I found was the Kangaroo line of products; in particular, the 1-liter collapsible canteen at a superb price!

I already have an Osprey pack I just love. It’s super sturdy, rain-proof, straps down comfortably, and has so many handy little nooks. My Osprey model wasn’t designed specifically for hydration, but it did have a good spot to hold a water pack, so I went with it. What I’ve noticed (like so many of you, I’m sure) is that the water in most mobile hydration systems gets stale after a while and tastes like either the plastic leaches into your water supply (yuck!) or a bacteria colony is starting to form (double yuck!). Neither one of those options were going to quench my thirst, so I explored other options.

After a bit of research, I happened upon Kangaroo. Turns out the manufacturer, Source Hydration, is an Israeli company. So they’re well-versed in combat and desert survival, and that means they know water! So I ordered one from Copper State Tactical & waited for go-time.


  • Fit perfectly into my pack (even though one clearly wasn’t designed for the other)
  • Hose extended to the perfect length; mouthpiece clips nicely
  • Can be used as a canteen or for “remote” hydration (using hose & mouthpiece)
  • Suitable for holding cold or warm liquid
  • 3 layers of durable polyethylene with anti-microbial lining
  • Folds flat when empty (stores great!)
  • Equipped with other nice conveniences like mouthpiece dustguard and no-bite valve

The mouthpiece is a bit tricky to master. The instruction manual is helpful, so I advise reading it & practicing once or twice before field use. Basically, just twist the valve, then pull; you’ll get it.
Play around with detaching the hose from the canteen. You may find yourself needing the feature and it’s always best to get to know all your equipment well before the need for it arises.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Source Hydration and Kangaroo a try. I feel safe drinking the water from my pack even if I get lazy and don’t empty it right away after excursions. And with Source Hydration’s credentials and product features, they definitely know what they’re doing. If you’re looking at the size of the canteen in the images and don’t think it’s ideal for you, remember there are 7 canteen sizes available to you and pricing is reasonable!

If you have any questions about the product or have your own experiences (good or bad), please offer your information for others in the comments below!

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