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Many companies in Tempe are looking for the best in SEO services.  It’s no surprise.  Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the US and a hot-spot for tech companies.   Tempe also has some large IT companies like Google.  With all the people and business in the city there’s a major need for a competing website targeting Tempe residents.  Small business owners need to compete online in local searches to stay up with and stay ahead of the competition.  SEO is now a key component of any business’ success.  Most business owners have two choices:  Hire a full time SEO expert or hire a SEO company to handle the job.  Finding the right SEO expert in Tempe can be tricky.  I’ve outlined a few tips on how to find the right SEO expert for your business.

Myths About SEO:
1. If you stop paying you stop ranking.
2. SEO is mysterious and elusive.
3. SEO is quick and easy.
4. There are secrets of SEO and only (insert company) knows about them.
5. (insert Company) guarantees you will rank in the top 5 for your keywords on Google.

If you run into anyone or any company pitching these myths – RUN!

Hiring an SEO Company in Tempe, AZ:
Unless your SEO needs are massive you sincerely don’t need a “team” of SEOs that a Search Engine Optimization Company will try to sell you.  The dirty secrets of most SEO companies would have their customers running for the hills (if they only knew).   Usually SEO companies have account managers.  These are the people that you talk to when you want to hire the company to do SEO.  These people usually know just enough to sell you on the SEO plan, but don’t actually do any SEO.  So, you can ask questions and the account managers (salesmen) can field the questions perfectly, but they’re not likely to follow through with implied promises because they don’t really do any actual SEO.  I’ve dealt with SEO companies before and through experience I’ve learned that the account manages are much like car salesmen.  You never really get to talk to the SEO gurus or the bigwigs in the SEO department.  You have to talk to the account manager and HE talks to the SEO gurus and gets back to you (hopefully).  This is the game most SEO Companies play and the truth gets lost in translation between the real SEO guys and the salesman that wants to keep your account active.  Most SEO Companies will take on ANY client.  Why? Because they do the SEO the same for every website. There’s no customization or real in-depth thinking or analysis.  SEO Companies have software that runs “reports” that look impressive to the client, but they’re really just a bunch of information that looks fancy.  Most SEO Companies will put two competing sites against each other and offer SEO for both.  This isn’t ethical. These companies often hire out work to be done in India or the Philippines and pay pennies on the dollar for labor.  You end up with a site that has spammy title tags, meta tags, and content.   Your rankings will jump for a few months and then fall off into oblivion.  Trust me on this – very, very few SEO companies actually do a good job.  They charge a ton of money and your results are mediocre at best.  I would never recommend hiring an SEO company unless they are very small and you’re able to talk to the person that handles your SEO frequently.

Hiring a Full-Time, in-house SEO Expert:
The business owners and companies that are aware of the SEO Company scams usually finally decide on hiring a full-time, in house SEO person to manage the website’s SEO and promotions.  While this is a much more effective route than an SEO company, it can be extremely expensive to have a true SEO expert in house at all times.  Someone worth their salt in SEO should never work for less than $30/hour.  Many small businesses can’t afford to have someone work for $1200/week on SEO.  This is especially true for websites that are new or just getting into the online market.   If your company can hire someone of this caliber full-time I would highly recommend doing so instead of hiring an SEO company.   You will at least be able to monitor this person and hold the SEOr accountable on a weekly basis without having to go through an account manager (salesman).

A Viable Alternative to SEO Companies in Tempe:
Hire an individual that works on a monthly plan and is available to meet at the drop of a dime (or two quarters now).  The SEO Hermit is the best alternative to hiring a SEO Company in Tempe, Arizona.   The SEO Hermit selects his clients based on specific criteria and the ability of my services to work for them.  He doesn’t take on clients he can’t help or clients that might cause a conflict of interest for a competing company.   Don’t get caught up in gimmicky SEO pay forever schemes.  If you’re interested in the best SEO company Tempe has to offer, the SEO Hermit only handles a select few clients.  This ensures that all of his clients get amazing results with their SEO initiatives.

Some of the benefits of hiring me for your SEO are:

  • Reasonable rates for custom, White-Hat SEO services.
  • Complete baseline evaluation of your current status on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • No Conflict of interests – I will not work on another site’s SEO that might compete with yours (ever).
  • Small website updates and features at no extra cost.
  • Meetings, phone calls, conferences, and e-mails are never extra.
  • No salesmen to be the middle-man. You talk to THE man EVERY time.  Hold me accountable!
Services I offer:
SEO and PPC Management
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
Website Design / Development
E-Mail Marketing

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