What are the Best Roller Skates for Kids?

By | November 7, 2013

Roller skating is one of America’s favorite past times. What’s not to love? Wind in your face, speed under your feet, surrounded by bumping music and flashing lights at the rink. It has survived and evolved from the 1930’s to today’s culture, and is a sport that adults and children alike can enjoy. Children of all ages can participate and delight in skating with the right equipment. If you are hoping to introduce your child into the wold of roller skating but aren’t sure where to start– we can help!

Jackson Vibe Skate
Learning to skate on quad skates (two sets of two wheels, the original style of roller skates) is generally easier than learning on inline skates for children because it requires less balance. SirSlappy recommends the Jackson Vibe Skate package for beginners because it is such a solid skate and has tremendous value! It includes TWO sets of wheels (that’s 8 total, folks), and are equipped for coated or slick surfaces.  Jackson has been a staple in the roller skate industry forever! For a limited time Devaskation is offering a free Atom Quad Wheel bag with this package. We love the Jackson Vibe Extravaganza because it is a durable skate and is perfect for beginners! They also have a great Kids Skates FAQ.

Pacer Skates
Next up is the Pacer GTX500 Skate as one of the Top 5 skates for entry level skaters. This skate has a low top boot that requires no break in time (in other words, is super comfortable from the get go). We think these are some of the best skates for kids because the Sure Grip toe stopper is made of hard nylon to ensure quick stopping on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Longevity was a priority with this stopper, and we feel they hit the nail on the head! Perfect for a child learning to skate in a driveway OR a roller rink, Pacer Skates ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The Pacer GTX 500 is perfectly priced and the best beginner skate on the market!

Roller Derby Cheetah Inline Skates
If you want to start your little one with a skate that can grow with them, we the Roller Derby Cheetah brand.  The Cheetah Inline Skate for Boys is one of the best skates for kids because it has several adjustable areas, providing a comfortable and exact fit every time. We love this skate because the soft boot provides strong support by utilizing both laces and buckles. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to learn to skate on quads! The Cheetah inlines are great for beginners and provide comfort in all the right places. The price is just right on these too! If you’re in the market for a beginner’s inline skate, check out the Roller Derby Cheetah Inline Skates for kids.

Whether you’re looking for a customizable skate, skates for beginners, or just browsing the best skates for kids– Take our advice and get your kids into the right skate!